Demented Pixie (thieving_dolly) wrote in strangexchanges,
Demented Pixie

Let people know about you to set up an interesting and fun trade!!!:

Name: Vanessa Flores
DOB: March 17, 1977
Age: 31
Likes: pretty much everything and anything
Dislikes: not that many things that I dislike
Location: Texas, USA
Languages spoken: English
Hobbies (stuff you do): crocheting, knitting, cross-stitching, penpalling, reading, writing, collecting things
What do you collect, if anything? anything and everything
Interests: I'm interested in learning as much as possible
Offer an original idea of something to trade: creative letters
Why do you want to join, and what are you looking for: (what kinds of trades? i.e. pen pal, package trade, mix cd trade, etc). pen pals, and maybe more
Music that you enjoy daily: everything really
Unique talents/abilities/traits: creative writings and friendship
Please give two references from livejournal, ebay, laundromatic, or another site that will show us you are a reliable trader/exchanger. username:Nyteangil username: NyteAngil
Post a picture if you want to.
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