Angela Scandal (filthyvendetta) wrote in strangexchanges,
Angela Scandal


 Name: Angela *waves*
DOB: 11-10-1984
Age: 22
Likes:  music, odd grotesque things, 50s-70s house decor, crafty things, chocolate, animals, air, bathing, reading, body modifacation, photography and photo manipulation
Dislikes: watermelon and cream soda
Location: Vilseck Germany
Languages spoken: English, a tiny bit of French, less than enough German, Gibberish
Hobbies (stuff you do): photoshop, 3d cards, various crafty things, dye my hair, paint (not very well), photography
What do you collect, if anything? wierd images,bric a brac of  women, anything odd and/or creepy, bottles, mask
Interests: music, art, the human struggle, creepy things, halloween, old vintage stuff
Offer an original idea of something to trade: handmade 3d card, an altered book, or a set of hair falls
Why do you want to join, and what are you looking for: (what kinds of trades? i.e. pen pal, package trade, mix cd trade, etc). I joined to meet new ppl and share the cool expierence of getting a package in the mail. And Im stuck here in Germany because my husband is Army and having pals through the mail would be fun
Music that you enjoy daily: Dropkick Murphys, Fear Factory, Nirvana, Deftones, Flogging Molly, Eve 6, Mushroomhead, Panic at the Disco, Sissor Sisters,.....
Unique talents/abilities/traits: I can fold my tongue!..I have tattoos and piercings and Im usually off in my own little world most of the time...I like making faces at myself in the mirror and singing in the car
Please give two references from livejournal, ebay, laundromatic, or another site that will show us you are a reliable trader/exchanger. wow thats a hard one....most of my friends wouldnt be thrilled if I gave out their names ...but go check out my myspace ( and ask some ppl there
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