g.miller (offbeatnik) wrote in strangexchanges,

Art Gone Postal!

(x-posted to several communities interested in mail art)

A friend and I recently started a project that may interest some people in this community. After talking many times about how the postal service can be so fascinating in terms of transportation from anywhere on the globe, and how that pertains to art, we came up with a means for creating an online gallery of sorts for mail art. Called The Envelope Collective, we've set up an address to collect mail art from all over the world. Every piece we receive is photo-documented and uploaded to the website daily.

I didn't want to start this project without a more over-reaching goal in mind, and so we plan to document these submissions into a book as well. The proceeds from the book will go towards a charity/charities that benefit the arts in some way. There are several that we have in mind, all of which have different goals; the one I am most fond of uses money donated to buy and deliver art supplies to areas where people don't have the means, such as the Middle East and Africa. If the project continues to grow, we do plan to keep putting out books to help these charities.

So far the response has been amazing, and I can't wait to see where it goes.

Thanks for listening and happy holidays,

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