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Name: Raven
DOB: 8-23-1988
Age: 19
Likes: writing, reading, history, creating, destroying, reconstructing, making jewelry, reading & writing zines, penpals, amazingly filled packages filled to the brim(!), creepy dolls, ventriloquist dummies, dark & creepy things, rainbows, neon colors, bright colors, randomness, smoking, JSF, decora, kandy!!!, kandy kidz, glowstix, true crime, muses, toys, etc. etc. etc.
Dislikes: mean & rude people, assholes, bitches, liars, scammers, deadbeats, not having enough money, not having enough stamps, not knowing what to send people o.O
Location: Memphis, TN; USA
Languages spoken: German, Japanese, signing; learning Russian o.O
Hobbies (stuff you do): make jewelry, make & write zines, shop on Etsy, shop at target [where i work o.O] sleep, draw, color, making collages, doing decoupage, writing!, penpalling, LJing, MySpacing, collecting, etc. etc.
What do you collect, if anything? Pacifiars, dolls [just started!], amazing & uniquely kitschy jewelry & art, art prints, candles, beads!!! =D, true crime books, books on Holocaust/WWII, CDs...... =D
Interests:Offer an original idea of something to trade:</b> A package full of things either One. All about the sender. Example, sending stickers or prints depicting animals to symbolize your love of animals, etc. etc. Including jewelry or other things the sendee will like, but with the sender's own twist of flavor and/or Two. Send packages full of things that are either completely eclectic and random, or, after doing some "research" on the sendee, urprising them by sending things that they would just absolutely love♥ =]
Why do you want to join, and what are you looking for: (what kinds of trades? i.e. pen pal, package trade, mix cd trade, etc). all of it! Packages, penpals, CD-trades, zine trades, etc. etc. etc. =D
Music that you enjoy daily: depends. lately I've been listening to Britney Spears new CD, Blackout, but I listen to everything from Aaliyah to Cannibal Corpse to Alan Jackson & Chemical Brothers, and everything else in between! I'm also ALWAYS looking for new music! =D
Unique talents/abilities/traits: I'm creative and i think "outside the box." I'm kind and very friendly. I have a vash movie & music collection and will make you copies for no charge [even people i know offline or on other communities]. I always send my penpals free copies of my zines and free handmade jewelry. I love my penpals as much as I would any friend.
In fact, my first penpal and best internet friend i've ever had, and who I've known for years! wayy before myspace, is moontrip. I love her♥ =]
Please give two references from livejournal, ebay, laundromatic, or another site that will show us you are a reliable trader/exchanger.

Pixi: moontrip | [MySpace]
Max: starrcrunch | [Etsy]

Post a picture if you want to.

-look on my profile. i'm lazy :p
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