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CONTEST!!! Please enter and spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone who adds this page as a LiveJournal friend can enter this contest!

It is simple... all you have to do is contact someone who is on the friends list on "Strange Exchanges" (via Livejournal or Myspace, www.myspace.som/strangexchanges) and arrange a trade. Doesn't matter what you trade as long as it goes through the U.S. Mail... can't be an email, phone call, or smoke signal.

Once you have proof you sent someone something, submit it here through a message or email me at:

The deadline for submission is March 1st, 2007.

Once I receive all the submissions, I will put them in a hat, pick one out, and send you a gift of your choice. It will be one of the following:

-gift card to Panera

-gift card to Barnes N Noble

-handmade Roman Dirge style "naked lady" box created by yours truly

-one book purse made by yours truly

Off you go!!!!!
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