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Name: jess
DOB: 2-7-88
Age: 18
Likes:collages, reading, vogue, old yearbooks, photographs
Dislikes: mushrooms, creeps, gas prices
Location: seattle, washington
Languages spoken: english. i'm planning on learning italian
Are you innovative? yes
Where did you hear about us: searched "collage" in interests on lj
Hobbies (stuff you do): acting, sailing, avid csi watcher, camp counselor
What do you collect, if anything? bottle caps, cigar boxes, books,cowboy boots, scrabble letters, saint candles
Interests: swimming, summer, mixed media, art, thrift store shopping, sing-a-longs
Offer us an original idea of something to trade: stationary that has been sewn with different designs. friendship braclets, things found on the side of the road that can be put in a envelope
Why do you want to join, and what are you looking for: pen pals that love collage art and randomly ranting
You're making a mix cd to send someone and you want to include some songs/bands that you feel are underappreciated. Which songs/bands do you pick? mirah, jesse sykes and the sweet hereafter, neko case, ratatat, rogue wave, sigur ros, dufus
Please give two references from livejournal, ebay, laundromatic, or another site that will show us you are a reliable trader/exchanger.
to be honest, i just started to get into this and want to start with communities that have some sort of a screening process. i go to a post office daily and commute on ferries so i would have time/recources to keep up with everything.
Post a picture if you want to.
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i'm not really a gangster
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